3 Things That Make Carina Gardens Dental Different

Hi, I’m Dr Debraj Chakraborty, the principal dentist of Carina Gardens Dental here at Carina in Brisbane. You can call me Dr Raj.

There are a lot of dentists and dental practices all over Australia. But the most important thing is to choose the right one for you.

As you are looking for a dentist for you and your family, I would like to share with you the three things that I believe sets us apart from other dental practices.

Here at Carina Gardens Dental, we are proud to have served the local community for over 30 years. We have patients of all ages, from two-year-olds to 94. In fact, the last patient I saw yesterday was 95 years old. It is so rewarding to see our loyal patients return to us regularly and become a part of the Carina Gardens Dental family.

3 Things That Make Carina Gardens Dental Different At Carina Gardens Dental, Brisbane

Our priority with all of our patients is that they feel cared for and are comfortable. We treat our patients as our family, and we always do our best to build rapport with them. We prioritise creating a personalised environment.

The relationships we create with our patients allow them to feel comfortable in voicing any questions they may have and for us to make the best recommendations around what treatments that would suit their needs and personal circumstances.

In our communication with our patients, we strive for absolute transparency. We create custom treatment plans that consider their budgets and time restrictions. We also prioritise discussing the upcoming treatment in detail, so our patients know exactly what to expect when they’re in the chair.

We have an outstanding team of support staff. They’re very friendly and very compassionate about what they do. They want our patients to be at ease because we know dentistry can be quite stressful, and people are quite anxious to go to the dentist. So everyone here at Carina Gardens Dental listens to you and hears everything you say, then gives you the options. We will never rush into things.

We invest highly in keeping our practice modern and up-to-date with the latest dental technology. What this means to you is that this will save you time, giving you maximum comfort and the most predictable result.

In addition, we have different payment plans to help our patients get the treatments they need as soon as possible. We have free parking for our patient’s convenience. And we have emergency appointment slots open every day to cater to emergency patients.

Finally, we don’t just focus on dentistry but also on snoring treatments. We recently became one of the preferred providers of an anti-snoring appliance called NOA. It is a new technology, and it’s quite unique in the way that it allows people to be comfortable while using the device.

3 Things That Make Carina Gardens Dental Different At Carina Gardens Dental, Brisbane

Traditional appliances can be quite cumbersome, and people don’t want to wear them. So the compliance is quite low. Whereas this appliance is very user-friendly, and we find that it really encourages people to wear them and helps with the user’s snoring.

This treatment is great for patients with TMD, snoring and sleep apnea.

In summary, our top priority here at Carina Gardens Dental is to provide the highest quality of care. Our goal is to work with you to have your teeth as healthy as possible long term and make sure you are confident in your smile. We work to have you leave feeling healthier and happier than before we saw you.

So if you’re looking for a new dental clinic to care for you and your loved ones, we’d love for you to join our Carina Gardens Dental family.

Simply call us on 07 3398 3918, complete the form on our website, or send us a DM on social media, and we’ll help you organise your first visit. See you in the next video.


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