Why I Love Working at Carina Gardens Dental?

My name is Lauren. I’m also known as Lozzy here at the practice.

My role here is the head dental nurse. I’ve been here for seven years at the practice.

I’m truly passionate about dentistry at Carina Gardens Dental.

I aim to give a hundred per cent to all my patients that walk through the door always.

I know them all really well after all these years.

We have such a special bond in the chair, outside the chair, even if I see them outside of the practice.

Lauren -  Why I Love Working At Carina Gardens Dental Near Carina, Brisbane

My head role is of dental assistant. Working with Raj is one of my favourite things I’ve ever worked.

I love working at Carina Gardens Dental because I’m passionate about the people that come through the door. Also, dentistry in a whole, looking after the people not only in their mouths but their overall dental health and well-being.

I love the team here at Carina Gardens Dental. We’re a very close-knit team. We all help each other.

Dr Raj is an amazing dentist. He’s taught me so much in the two years that we’ve worked together. He cares enormously about his patients.

Keilyn Why I Love Working At Carina Gardens Dental Near Carina, Brisbane

My name is Keilyn. I’m a dental assistant here at Carina Gardens Dental.

I really enjoy it here because Raj is so welcoming, and he has been since I first walked through the door.

It does get a little bit full-on, but with great teamwork, it’s just been so much easier.

It’s very much like a second home being able to walk in and just say hello to everybody and just…

It’s just fun day in and day out working here.

Lilian - Why I Love Working At Carina Gardens Dental Near Carina, Brisbane

My name is Lilian. I am a dental assistant as well as looking after admin and reception.

I love working at Carina Gardens Dental because the staff are amazing, my employers are great, and just the work environment is demanding.

But we always have fun. And yeah, it has challenges, but we manage to get through. So it’s really good.

And I just love the vibe here.

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