Will My Teeth Get More Crooked Over Time?

Hi, I’m Dr Debraj Chakraborty, the principal dentist of Carina Gardens Dental here at Carina in Brisbane. You can call me Dr Raj.

Last Thursday, a new patient, Cathy from Seven Hills, came in for an orthodontic consultation. Cathy had braces as a teenager, but now that she’s in her mid-30s, she has been noticing her teeth is getting crooked again.

During our consultation, I found out she hasn’t been wearing her retainers. She said to me, “Hey Raj, will my teeth get more crooked over time?”

This is a very common question, and we certainly see this often with our adult orthodontic patients. So I thought I’d make a short video and share with you why and how your teeth are getting crooked over time.

A lot of our patients had orthodontics or braces growing up, and they had straight teeth up until then. But what they haven’t done is, just like Cathy, they haven’t worn their retainers consistently afterward.

Aligning teeth or straightening them is relatively easy, but holding them in place is difficult because our teeth move all the time. If you haven’t been wearing your plastic retainers or wire retainers, your teeth can move, and they can move very fast sometimes.

A lot of our clear aligner patients who come to us are often in their thirties. They already had orthodontics done when they were young. But now, they want their teeth to be straightened again, because they’ve become crooked over time.

Will My Teeth Get More Crooked Over Time At Carina Gardens Dental, Brisbane

Luckily for us, with clear aligners, we can straighten them again. Then we can use plastic retainers or fixed retainers to keep them in place forever.

The great thing with those patients is that since they already had orthodontic treatments. And now as adults, they just need to realign them. It is a much faster procedure.

It doesn’t take years anymore. It takes probably three to six months, and they can have a beautiful straight smile again.

I hope you now understand how important retainers are in keeping your teeth straight, so they won’t get crooked over time.

If you’re in the same situation as Cathy, and your teeth has become crooked or crowded over time, we would love to help.

Simply call us on 07 3398 3918, complete the form on our website, or send us a DM on social media, and we’ll help you organise your consultation. See you in the next video.


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