Sean of Carina’s Invisalign Makeover

Sean of Carina’s Invisalign Makeover

We would like to share Sean’s smile transformation journey with Invisalign in Carina.

Sean is our lovely and friendly patient from Carina. Our practice is always full of fun whenever he visits us. Since his job requires him to interact with people, he wanted to do something to boost his confidence.

Sean wanted to fix the crowding in his lower teeth and improve his overbite. He understood that crowding makes it difficult to maintain oral hygiene since some toothbrushes are not designed for crowded teeth. Aside from that, he also wanted straight teeth for aesthetic purposes.

Crowding is when there is a lack of space for all the teeth to fit, usually within the jaws. The teeth may be twisted or displaced. While this is a common problem, it shouldn’t be neglected as it affects oral health.

Underlying Problems

What Were the Issues with His Existing Teeth?

  • Crowded Teeth

Our Solution

What We Did for His Smile Makeover


The Result

After eight months and five visits of orthodontic treatment, Sean now has a beautiful, straight smile. He is very happy with the final results and still sees us for his regular checkups & cleanings.

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